СмирноваID SCOPUS: 7103208151

ID ORCID: 0000-0002-6620-9021


Date of birth: 09.10.1939

Place of birth: Moscow, Russia


Work address

Center of forest ecology and productivity problems of RAS,

84/32 Profsoyuznaya street

117997, Moscow, Russia

Tel.: 8-916-1604314

E-mail: ovsinfo@gmail.com


Academic qualifications:

1994 – Professor in botany

1984 – D. Sc. in biology: botany, LSU

1968 – Ph. D. in biology: botany, MSPI named after V.I. Lenin



2014present – principal researcher at the laboratory “Structural and functional organization and dynamics of forest ecosystems” of CFEPP RAS

2008 – head of the laboratory “Structural and functional organization and dynamics of forest ecosystems” of CFEPP RAS

1992– leading researcher at the laboratory “Structural and functional organization and dynamics of forest ecosystems” of CFEPP RAS

1963-1992 – scientist (from junior to senior staff) at the biological laboratory of MSPI named after V.I. Lenin


Research interests:

  • population biology and demography of plants;
  • structural and functional organization and dynamics of forest ecosystems;
  • history of forest cover formation and development in Holocene.



2011 – 2012: Ecology and population biology lectures for 3rd-year students. Vologda Pedagogical Institute.

2013 – 2014: Forest ecology lectures for master degree students. Moscow State University of Forestry.



2013-2015: Grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (“Succession systems of taiga forests of the Russian plain and the Urals”)

2010-2013: Grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (“Population life of key species as the main mechanism of autogenic successions”)

2007-2009: Grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (“Mechanisms of restored forest cover formation in the Russian plain and the Urals at various spatial levels”)

2004-2006: Grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (“Diversity of dark coniferous forests of European Russia: a problem of climax community identification”)

2001-2003: Grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (“Isolation of function groups of species in the grass canopy of European Russian forests”)

1998-2000: Grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (“Development of a method of dividing plant cover of forest areas into functional groups of species”)



2012– Zaprudina М.V., Ph.D. in biology ”Micromosaic organization of grass-shrub and moss cover of middle-taiga dark coniferous forests of the Urals”

2012– Kharitonenkov М.А., Ph.D. in biology “The role of the anthropogenic factor in formation of plant cover of the South of the West Siberian plain in the age of traditional nature management (from late paleolith till late XIX century)”

2010– Aleynikov А.А., Ph.D. in biology “The population’s condition and the environment-transforming activity of European beavers in the territory of the “Bryansky les” reserve and in its safeguard zone

2008 – Popov S.Y., Ph.D. in biology “Vegetation structure and dynamics in the Kerzhenets reserve”

2008 – Lugovaya D.L., Ph.D. in biology “The role of ecotopic and anthropogenic factors in formation of specific and structural diversity of south-taiga forests (the east of Kostroma region)”

2006 – Romanovsky А.М., Ph.D. in biology «Ontogenesis features and the phytocoenotic role of European spruce in forests of the Nerusso-Desnyanskoe woodlands »

2006 – Bogdanova N.E., Ph.D. in biology “Grass cover formation in coniferous-broad-leaved and broad-leaved forests during progressive successions in the Nerusso-Desnyanskoe woodlands”

2006 – Samokhina Т.Y., Ph.D. in biology “Structure and spontaneous dynamics of coniferous-broad-leaved forests of the Middle Urals”

2005 – Shestakova А.А., Ph.D. in biology “Ecological-coenotic and floristic features of bryobiota’s organization in the territory of Nizhny Novgorod region”

2004 – Bobrovsky М.V., Ph.D. in biology “Diversity of vegetation and soils of the “Kaluzhskie zaseky” reserve and its connection with traditional nature management”

2002 – Turubanova S.A., Ph.D. in biology ”The ecological scenario of the living cover formation history of European Russia and adjacent territories on the basis of reconstruction of natural habitats of key animal and plant species”

2001 – Braslavskaya Т.Y., Ph.D. in biology ”Biological diversity and dynamics of vegetation in a bottomland of a small river in the southern non-chernozem area (by the example of the Nerussa river, Bryansk region)”

2001 – Bobrovskaya N.E., Ph.D. in biology “Crown structure formation on leaved and coniferous trees in ontogenesis”

2000 – Sarycheva E.P., Ph.D. in biology “Structural and specific diversity of dark alder forests of central European Russia (by the example of the “Bryansky les” and “Voroninsky” reserves)”

1997 – Ripa S.I., Ph.D. in biology “A population-coenotic analysis of mountain beech and mixed forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians”

1997 – Barinova М.А., Ph.D. in biology ”Effect of the water-storage basin on green moss synusia in the Gilyuy valley”

1994 – Kiseleva L.L., Ph.D. in biology “An ecological-floristic analysis of ecotone communities of the central forest-steppe”

1994  – Shaniyazova Z.P., Ph.D. in biology “Population biology of ephemers of Kara-Kalpak”

1993 – Nedoseko O.I., Ph.D. in biology “Ontomorphogenesis of Salix pentandra l., Salix caprea l., Salix cinerea l.”.

1993 – Korotkov V.N., Ph.D. in biology “Demutational processes in insular woodlands (by the example of the “Gorky Leninskie” state historical forest reserve and the Kanevsky reserve)”

1992 – Istomina I.I., Ph.D. in biology ”Quasisenility and its role in woody plants’ life”

1992 – Chumachenko S.I., Ph.D. in biology “A bioecological model of uneven-aged forest coenosis”

1992 – Argunova M.V., Ph.D. in biology “Population organization of oak-hornbeam forests of Western Ukraine and optimization of their structure”

1990 – Evstigneev O.I., Ph.D. in biology “Phytocoenotypes and leaved trees’ attitude to light”



Moscow Society of Naturalists

Russian botanical society



Editorial board member, Bulletin of Tomsk University



2014, All-Russian scientific conference “Scientific foundations of stable forest management”



180 articles. 20 sections in collective monographs. 1 monograph



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