Chown S.

RJEE Vol. 5 (2). 2020 | DOI: 10.21685/2500-0578-2020-2-4
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Receipt date 30.01.2020 | Publication date 26.06.2020


S. L. Chown

School of Biological Sciences, Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria 3800, Australia


Abstract. As the scientific literature explodes in its abundance, specialisation and forgetfulness, the temptation to quote from José Ortega Y Gasset becomes irresistible: It would then be seen how, generation after generation, the scientist has been gradually restricted and confined into narrower fields of mental occupation [1]. Followed swiftly by cynical reflection on the publishing industry’s massive profits. Victor Gorshkov’s work immediately dispels these temptations. Here one sees the intellectual bounty offered by range – capability across and interest in multiple fields [2]. Among the very best of what science offers. Here I give a few examples.


Keywords: metabolic rate, biotic pump, hydrological cycle, immobile life, trace gases.


For citation: Chown S.L. Reflections on Victor Gorshkov’s final work – “Key ecological parameters of immotile versus locomotive life”. Russian Journal of Ecosystem Ecology. 2020;5(2). Available from: