Geraskina A.P., Smirnova O.V., Antoschenkov V.F., Leonova N.A., Korotkov V.N., Gornov A.V.

RJEE Vol. 5 (3). 2020 | DOI: 10.21685/2500-0578-2020-3-3
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Receipt date 16.03.20 | Publication date 26.09.2020


A. P. Geraskina1, O. V. Smirnova1, V. F. Antoschenkov2,

N. A. Leonova3, V. N. Korotkov4, A. V. Gornov1

1Center for Forest Ecology and Productivity RAS of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 84/32 Profsoyuznaya street, Moscow, 117485, Russia

2Smolensk State University, 4 Przhevalsky street, Smolensk, 214000, Russia

3Penza State University, 40 Krasnaya street, Penza, 440026, Russia

4Institute of global climate and ecology named after academician Yu. A. Israel, 20B Glebovskaya street, Moscow, 107258, Russia


Abstract. This commentary is devoted to the article by V. G. Gorshkov and A. M. Makaryeva (2020), in which the division of biota in forest ecosystems is considered using the concepts of both “immotile life” and “locomotive life”. The article presents well-known arguments to prove the erroneousness of using such concepts, because motion
is a fundamental property of living creatures and is realised at all levels of living system organisation. Representatives of all the kingdoms are widely distributed in space at different stages of the life cycle. In opposite the view by Gorshkov and Makarieva (2020), which the large herbivorous are destroyers of terrestrial ecosystems emphasizes, in the current commentary is considered the importance of mammals in forests, for the circulation of matter and energy flow in forest ecosystems to maintain biodiversity and the efficiency of trophic systems.


Keywords: biodiversity, ecological pyramid, cycle of matter, forest, terrestrial ecosystem, phytophages, megafauna.


Acknowledgments. The research was carried out within the framework of the State Task of the Center for Problems of Ecology and Productivity of Forests, Russian Academy of Sciences АААА-А18-118052590019-7, with the financial support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research
(19-04-00-609 A).


For citation: Geraskina A.P., Smirnova O.V., Antoschenkov V.F., Leonova N.A., Korotkov V.N., Gornov A.V. Motion as a fundamental basis of life. Russian Journal of Ecosystem Ecology. 2020;5(3). Available from: